Vans Replica & Fishnet Bow socks – Cheap&Stylish!

Happy Saturday my dears,

I wanted to share with you a recent buy for which I am really happy and I thought sharing with you would be a good idea so that you can also give them a try 🙂
I checked the latest Vans design and I started liking them at a point that I became obsessed, mostly because they are all other Instagram now, as everything else…

But I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to spend around 80€ for them, as I’m not a huge fan, just currently addicted:) So randomly passing through different shops, I checked Deichmann; a german shoe brand, with affordable prices and good quality.

I found their Replica there for only 17€ (5000 Hungarian forints) !!!!

I have been wearing them regularly for a week now and I can obviously recommend them to you guys! If you are also tempted by their design, but still not willing to pay that much, give this pair a try, I’m sure you will like them too!
Fishnet & Bow socks! Omg! So over the internet, I couldn’t resist but checking them on AliExpress. Found them right away for only 0.80€ a pair! Crazy! Free shipping and Fast as well, I can say, they arrived in less than 2 weeks!:) And I should confess; these types of socks are not comfortable but for sure stylish and great for pictures 😉 

Find the link here if you want to purchase them from the same seller I did, which I really recommend:)


Let me know if you like them and/or if you are willing to give them a try 🙂




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