“I was born to see the world” – One of the best quotes I read online and something that I look up to every day. My biggest goal in life is travelling the world, being able to visit as many countries as I can. I find myself a true traveloholic. I get really excited for even the shortest travellings. As I also love photography I tend to capture every moment of it and I like to go through those pictures from time to time and relive those good times.
Personally, I never saw traveling as something covered in luxury with the best hotels, first class flights, fancy dinners.. maybe later in life, but for now, all I want to do is book a cheap flight, a nice hotel with an affordable price and visit the place, eat something traditional, move around like a local and take as many pictures as I can!
During my first year in Hungary, I was in an International team on my internship and everyone I met was from different cities and every time I would hear about their traditions, food, or look at pictures of their cities I would promise myself to go there and of course add all the cities to the list of my to-go places. I know there are hundreds of different ways to learn stuff about cities or countries, but I love to hear about them from locals and of course, even more, better – visit them myself.
I have visited different countries, thanks to my family we were always eager to travel, and our biggest achievement is an Eurotrip done in 2010 Where we went to more than 5 countries and 10 cities in 14 days – all in a total of 5000km by car 😃  but I will make sure I have a separate post for this one so that I can show you guys all my suggestions and recommendations for traveling by car and also for the places I visited.
Currently, I’m about to land in Nuremberg – Germany, one of the cities that owns my heart for many reasons. If you want to be part of my connection with Nuremberg make sure you stay tuned and I will have a post regarding that as well. And thanks to Ryanair now I can travel from Budapest to Nuremberg for approximately 20€!!! ( If you book around 2-3 weeks in advance)
Fortunately, Wizzair and Ryanair offer really amazing deals for many different cities, mostly in Europe, which makes it pretty easy to plan an on-budget weekend trip and explore new cities all around!:)
This page will mostly include travelling tips, Flight prices and when to book them, travelling by car experiences and of course recommendations 😃
I can’t wait to share all my suggestions with you guys.
Sending you all my love from Nuremberg,