Spray On Body Lotion from BALEA (DM) – Greatest Combo ever!

Hello Loves,

I was randomly passing next to a DM  yesterday and guess who entered inside? (ME, ME, ME :D)

When entering a DM for buying stuff I need I always check BALEA first; they have great prices for really nice products and they always tend to stay “in” with the latest trends.

I started looking around for a hand lotion as the one I had was ending soon and while searching my eyes stopped at this new product from Balea.

This little gem is a body lotion that you apply as a SPRAY!!!! I mean, how cool and easy and smart and everything is that?!

I absolutely love body lotions, but god I’m lazy rubbing and massaging it into my body every time I get out of the shower, so I only use it a couple of times week.

I (of course) purchased this product for only 2.5€ and couldn’t wait to try it. As soon as I got home I had a shower and tried it… I WAS AMAZED. The whole process took me literally 3 minutes!!! I just sprayed it all over my body and slightly distributed it everywhere by quickly rubbing it; because It was my first time trying it, but I am sure you can even leave it like that 😀

The down part is that they only had 2 types; one that was a natural one without any fruits or scents and the one I bought that is with Mango and Hibiscus fragrance also a 10% of AloeVera. I like the smell of it, but of course, if I had more options it would be better… I’m sure they will have soon, though 😉

So, this was it about this post, I highly recommend that you guys give it a try and purchase this product as its perfect for Spring – and also to moisturise your body all over the year 🙂


In case you purchase this product, let me know what you think and how the experience was for you 🙂


Happy Saturday,

Lots of love



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