Soft Berry Lip Liner – Only for 1€!!!


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Happy Sunday loves, 

I didn’t want to wait much longer for my first product review.. so here it is! 

The Lip Liner from Essence in colour Soft Berry is the first product I couldn’t wait to review.

During the last 3-4 years,  dozens of people have asked me about what colour do I have on my lips when I have been using this little gem and I always proudly recommended it.

This colour is perfect for all seasons, and it’s my go-to lip liner every time. It costs only 1€ and it’s easily found at any Rossman Drugstore.

The colour is in the burgundy shades, but with a bit cooler tone and it’s super pigmented. 

How I apply it :

  • First I have my lip balm on ( or face oil)
  • While putting on foundation I make sure my lips are covered as well ( it helps a lot if you want to have the exact full colour of the lip liner you are using)
  • I start applying the lip liner from the lines of the lips and going inside. If you feel it is too harsh for you to leave it like that, you can run a lipgloss or lip balm over it or in case you want it even more matt you can put some powder on and it will last you pretty long!

And in case you’re not the kind of person that wants a  bold lip colour, just run it once in your lips softly and then apply lip balm and it will give a lovely shade to your lips that can easily match with any outfit.



I hope you find this article helpful, please let me know if you have tried it or will try it soon. I would love to hear your feedback 🙂



Much Love,


M ♡

53 Replies to “Soft Berry Lip Liner – Only for 1€!!!”

  1. Gotta love a bold lip color! I’ve heard Essence makes really wonderful products. I’ll need to try this one out the next time I visit Ulta. Thanks for sharing your secret!

    Stephanie //

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  3. Wow, now thta#&39;s prepared. Not since my married life have I ventured out for Black Friday. We always went small for Christmas gifts and really, really try too still even with kids. Try too anyway. I'd venture out for Black Friday again if and only if I could go with you as a guide.

  4. Hey,
    You are looking so awesome. Thanks for sharing the great tips. I really like pinks lips and after seeieng this post I will try to use soft lip linern for perfect pinks lips. But what branded lip liner is the best ? have you any suggest? Thanks! For sharing . See you again.

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