Say hello to your dream eye lashes!

Hello Loves,

We can all agree that long and thick eye lashes can make a whole makeup look lit, especially for people with small eyes like myself.

One of my best friends,Melis, living in Budapest reminded me to mention a small technique that I use which helps me have long and full eye lashes without having the need of using fake ones.

To be honest, not just to save money – which of course is always a good idea, but also to spare yourself the time and the effort of putting on fake lashes, you could easily make your eye lashes Pop in 3 simple steps.


First of all, your type of Mascara is really important. Not the brand, OF COURSE, but the brush. I would recommend you to carefully choose your mascara, and try to change it once in a while, like experimenting with it. You never know what you’re missing.

I would always go for a big full brush, due to my long eyelashes and I love when i can fully cover them with the brush. But i have used several different types until now and most of them resulted better than i ever imagined. But what can make your eye lashes more intense, long and thick will be this method below that I use every time I am feeling the need of those type of lashes:

  • I start by applying a first layer of mascara by carefully noticing that all the lashes are covered from the roots till the ends.powder
  • After I pour some powder, like the powder I mentioned in the previous pos
    t (find it here) in my hand and with a blending brush (or whatever small brush you might have) i apply some into my lashes and let it settle for half a minute
  • After that, I apply a second and third layer ( depending how intense you want your look to be) of mascara and try to push it upwards from the roots.
  • Let it dry and you will be amazed on how thick and long your lashes will look. (I always get questioned if I use fake eyelashes!)

Small Tip: After you’re done with your eyelashes you have two ways to make sure it will not fall on your face when you sweat or if your eyes are a bit watery ( like mine)

  • First, use your hair blow dryer with the minimum heat and direct it to your lashes from below so they are pushed upwards, for at least 1 minute both of them.
  • Secondly, and this one takes less effort and I tend to do this all the time; Spray them with your hairspray and they will be set and not falling anywhere in your face 🙂

If you have a special occasion, you can use both of the techniques above to strengthen them up to maximum, but even with one of them will be super fine.


— For Mascara :  Superstar XXL – Rival de Loop from Rossmann for not more than 3€ ( around 2.50 but I don’t remember exactly)

As i suggested for you as well, I also try to experiment a bit and that is what I did with this mascara, i loved the big brush, the navy blue color outside and I went for it.. and when stuff have affordable prices, you can easily risk and if you don’t like it, you put it in a black list and continue with what you always buy, or experiment more:)

— Hairspray : BALEA from DM – there is this new edition in Purple, and it smells A.M.A.Z.I.N.G for only 2€





I really hope you find this post helpful,

Let me know what you think and how it worked for you guys.


Sending you all my love,



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