When I first thought of opening this blog, I had a specific idea of what I wanted to confess and it was the fact that I saw so many makeup products all around, and most of them were either expensive or not shipping in the EU.
Every time I had to buy a drugstore product from DM, Rossman or Muller, and I needed some review, all I could find were some German speaking videos or nothing. I thought it was really important for people to have those kinds of reviews for this product that are really easy to find in Europe and the prices are really cheap, which makes the products affordable for people that recently started doing makeup, or just do not want to spend a fortune on luxury makeup products, like myself.
Experimenting, even more, this summer I started purchasing different goods from the two worldwide famous websites AliExpress and Banggood, which of course was really risky. Doing blind shopping as I call it when I cant see the product in my hand, can be very tricky, risky and sometimes exciting like you never know what you gonna get (haha). My experience with AliExpress was on a scale from 1 to 10, a 7. I purchased a lot of different stuff, mostly makeup and I found most of them better than I expected compared to the price I paid.
And as for Bangood, actually, I tend to buy more electronic products but twice I tried purchasing makeup goods, but it’s a very tricky thing. You can find the exact same things on AliExpress for an even cheaper price. But comparing to all the goods I bought there, I would scale Bangood up to 8 🙂
And, one of my best discoveries is Golden Rose – Matte Liquid Lipstick. It’s a gem! For the first time I got it as a present from my Turkish best friend here in Budapest, and I am obsessed. I will for sure have a separate post about this, sharing pictures and giving all the details.
MAC. My greatest sin (haha). So, as I mentioned I do not let myself spend money on luxury products ( which can be relative, but I am referring to goods like for example; lipsticks costing more than 15€), but when it comes to MAC lipsticks. I’m an addict. The way they smell, the texture, the colours.. ugh!!! I believe that spending 21€ on a lipstick is too much, and that will be my belief during all blog posts, but when it comes to MAC, I make an exception from time to time, which I suggest you do too, with whichever product you prefer. What I mean and recommend is that by having a constant budget on a monthly basis for makeup products, you will be spending it with drugstore products (real drugstore products – Lip Liners for 1€:)) and you can have a % of that budget saved for one of your sins. Stay tuned and I will make a complete article on this strategy soon:)
I hope this brief introduction on what this page will include was clear, and if you’re interested stay tuned for my Wednesday and Friday posts regarding above’s products.
Much Love,
M ♡