Face baking at its cheapest!

Are you a baker? Let me be more clear..

 Do you bake… your face? 😀 

For those not familiar with this term, what it means is powdering your T-zone, with a soft sponge that will help you keep the oil from being visible and also giving you a super matt finish.

Face baking can make a huge difference in your makeup look, but not everyone is comfortable with that, which is okay, but at least your face needs a bit of powder to keep that makeup on without the oily T-zone:) 

I have been practising face baking for more than 2 years now, and my confession is… I barely bought twice a decent Translucent powder for it 😀 

What I’ve used since then is different types of Powders like body and baby powders and I am telling you, ones you start using it, you just can’t go and buy a cosmetic translucent face powder! img_3150

every time I go makeup shopping and I check everything there is, I get tempted to buy one of the cosmetic powders for baking my face, but then I check the prices and I just think of a better way to spend that amount and go back to my favorite powder, which is CAOLA from DM and costs only 1 € and believe me it lasts up to 6 months for sure! (God I love the fact that I have to spend only 2€/year on these) 



How I apply it: 

  • After I applied foundation and concealer, I pour the powder into a small container or the palm of my hand and with a triangle small sponge ( easily found in any shop or drugstores like Rossman, DM and Muller, or just use a regular face brush/blender) I start applying it into my T- zone, just like my picture on the right. img_3117
  • What I like to do sometimes for a more intense look, I pour some small water drops to the sponge and then start applying it, it makes it more intense and the T-zone will be oily-free for longer time, but the downside is that you might feel it a bit cakey
     if you’re not used to
    baking, so if you’re a new starter, keep it simple without adding water:) 
  • After you are done with the rest of your makeup ( usually I contour and do my mascara meanwhile I wait, it really helps you in case your mascara falls in the face because the powder doesn’t let it ruin your makeup) use a brush to take off the excessive amount of powder and you will be great to go!:) 

Quick tips: 

  • Avoid baking during summer times, especially if your face is sweating because it may feel like it helps to absorb the sweat but the minute you go out you will have white powder spots in your face.. trust me, I was ashamed a lot of times bc of this and I kept on wondering why people were staring at me:)
  • Don’t pass it just because you think it takes too much time, trust me once you get used to it it becomes part of the process and to apply it takes only a minute extra from your normal makeup routine! 
  • If you feel more comfortable using baby powders, feel free to do so. I tried once using a baby powder bought from ALDI for 2€ and it was perfect as well. Also, if you do not find this specific brand in Rossman  ( in case DM is not in your country) dig a little deeper, you will find a substitute for the same price, I’m sure. If not, just let me know and I’ll find it for you 🙂

Other than that, enjoy yourself with it, experiment a bit.. I mean you never know what you can discover, just like I did. 

And if you’re discoveries are helpful please share them with me, I’m always learning and accepting advice and tips every time. 

Sending you all my love,

Thank you for reading this and enjoy your weekend! 


24 Replies to “Face baking at its cheapest!”

  1. Hey, thank you for sharing your experiences with us! I tried this method with the same brand in the morning before work and my concealer stayed all day like i have already used! Besides, your eyelashes look perfect! Are they fake lashes or do you also have any method to make them that long?
    Köszönöm szépen 🙂

    1. Szia,
      Thank you very much, i am really happy to hear that it worked perfectly for you 🙂
      As for my eyelashes, I will have it explained in my next post – but those are my real ones, i just have a trick for them.. I will let you know soon 🙂

      Much love baby

  2. Very interesting, I have never heard of this before, but I am not a makeup person much, however will have to look into doing this because it is a great tip! Thank you, Darci

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