DM Has a new Beauty Blender! …Thumbs up or thumbs down?!…

Hey my dearest readers,

About two weeks ago, I checked that DM had a new Beauty blender, more expensive and defined as a Make-up artist Makeup Blender and since I saw it I was a bit skeptic but I thought I could use it as a first impression review, so I went on and bought it.

The product costs about 5€ and it is stated on the packaging that it’s supposed to be super soft.

I tried it first thing in the next morning. the first check I did was the dipping it in the water to check if it would enlarge, and it did – so that was a Plus for now. It became twice the side and twice softer.

I started applying my makeup and suddenly I just couldn’t. As it’s easily seen from the picture in the in left, the form of this beauty blender is very uncomfortable when wanting to apply makeup. It is not stable at all and you end up squeezing it more than you should.

But,  I had already boughten it so of course, I will use it – and how I’m using it now is perfect. I always use translucent powder after applying my foundation and concealer and now I apply it very easy with this beauty blender 😀 it goes perfectly under the eyes, and the bottom part of it is perfect when applying the powder in my jaw. Love it.

Of course, If I knew that it wasn’t good for my foundation I wouldn’t purchase it only for the powder; but now that I have it, I can’t get enough of it 😀

So, let’s say that for this product I wouldn’t highly recommend that you purchase it, as it is an extra expense that you might not actually need – but if you would like to give it a try or maybe have a separate beauty blender for your powder, this is perfect for you!






Thank you all for reading it and I hope you enjoyed it.

I would love to hear/read your experiences as well with such products.


Bear Hugs,


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