The best hair mask for damaged hair and hair growth! Video OUT NOW!

Good Morning sweethearts,

Happy Sunday!!! 🙂

I filmed this video yesterday and hoping I could upload it on time, but I still made it within the weekend 🙂

For this weekend, I wanted to show you guys my essential hair saver! This hair mask is what I am using constantly for more than 4 months now, on a weekly basis and my hair thanks me every time 😀

The mask is pretty simple; the main ingredient that it needs is the Castor Oil. But Castor Oil itself is pretty thick, so I would recommend you to always mix it with another oil, in the video I am mixing it with Olive oil, as  I run out of coconut oil last week and I didn’t want to buy another one yet. But before I was mixing it with the coconut oil and it worked wonders as well!

The suggested quantity is: Castor oil – 2-3 Tablespoons & the other oil 3-4 depending always on your hair length.

Easily rub it in from ends to roots and then keep it for around 30 minutes up to OVERNIGHT!

it depends on what kind of results you need, and how fast. In my “fried hair” period I was keeping it overnight, and I am sure that helped a lot.

So guys, for a detailed explanation and also the application process; you can easily click on the video down below and see the whole video if you’re  interested 🙂


As always, let me know if you try it; I’m really curious of other people’s results too 🙂


Enjoy your Sunday and prepare yourself for the upcoming week with this mask ^^


Lots of love,


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